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Give your home a ‘wow’ look with the right window treatments.

Get a New Look for windows Cheap Without Spending a Lot

Windows are considered a crucial internal décor element.

They can be used for enhancing the look and feel of a room. If creatively decorated, a window can uplift the mood of a space and make it look a lot more refreshing and stylish.

However, windows treatments are quite expensive these days. It can cost you a great deal of money to remodel your windows. That being said, there are a number of other inexpensive means available that you can use for giving your windows a brand new look.

DIY Techniques for Remodeling Windows

The easiest way of giving your windows a new look without having to spend a lot is to Do it DIY. DIY techniques are easy to master and can be used to give your windows a smart and cool look. The following are some of the DIY techniques that can be used to remodel windows on the cheap.

Lace Addition to Windows

Lace curtains are affordable and can be bought for a fraction of a price of a velvet curtain. You can cut the lace curtain and add it to your windows. This might require you to take out the window and then cover it up with the lace curtain. However, when you finish, you will have a newly remodeled window that would have cost you little in terms of money. You can find more such window covering ideas from

Addition of Decorative Trims to Curtains

If you are in the mood of giving your old curtains a brand new look but are striped for cash then this DIY technique is most suitable for you. Just take a new piece of fabric in a color contrasting to that of your curtains and cut it into thin, long strips. Now sew these strips to the leading edge of your old curtain and then iron them out. The decorative trim will instantly give the curtain a different feel and enhance its aesthetic value.

Bed Sheet Curtains

Bed sheets can be used as curtains too. This is a simple yet effective window covering technique that you can use for giving your window a smart and sassy look. Make sure that the bed sheet you are using has a nice print and it matches the color scheme of your room. After washing and drying the bed sheet, iron it out thoroughly to remove any wrinkles. Now cut the bed sheet in half and create a curtain rod pocket into each half. Slide the rod inside and hang your new bed sheet curtain on your windows. 

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo is one of the most inexpensively available types of shades in the market. You can purchase them for a very low price. The idea behind having bamboo shades to remodel your windows is to give them the illusion of height. Since bamboos are dark in color, they can hide the wall on top of small windows, giving the observer the illusion that the windows are quite tall. Do remember to install the bamboo shades at least a foot higher than the original size of the windows to get the desired effect. 

Bubble Wrap Windows

Want to give your window a new look and save up on insulation? Covering up your windows with bubble wrap can help you in creating the cheapest insluation possible. Bubble wrap is an incredible insulator and is used in greenhouses in winters. You can use them on your home windows too. Just apply a film of water on your window and place and press the bubble wrap on it while it is still wet. Make sure to keep the bubbles pointing to the glass surface of the window. Viola, you have your insulated bubble wrapped windows for the winter.  

Cheap Window Treatments

If you are not much of a DIY guy then there are cheap window treatments available for you too. You just have to be clever enough to shop around and wait for sales to go on malls. The following are some ways through which you can get your hands on cheap windows treatments.

•    Cheap Shutters

Shutters usually come at a premium price but there are online stores available that can offer them to you for a bargain. is one of the best sources available for purchasing cheap shutters that don’t cost much but can give your window a great new look.

•    Discounted Curtains

Much like shutters, curtains can cost a great deal of money as well. However, if you care to look online, you will find that a number of retailers are willing to offer you incredible curtains for a discounted rate. is a good destination to start looking for a new curtain at an incredibly affordable price.



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