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How much can conservatories improve the value of your home?

Keeping an eye on property values

Home renovations are a good thing if you want to make modifications to your house, upsize it, or make it suit your taste after a purchase. However, there is more to them than the result of the work itself. They can actually help you make money.

Renovations can rise the value of your property, so if you want to sell it at some point, you might get your money back and even more. Doing this sort of investments is often a smart move, but the actual monetary gain will depend on a number of factors. The value of your property, for example, is one of them. More expensive properties tend to benefit more from strategic improvements than cheap ones. You should know about how much money your house costs so you can have an idea on the net increase in value from your renovations. In today's economy, you shouldn't trust your home is worth what you paid for it, even if you have performed no significant modifications so far. Values change, and you might be living today in a more or less expensive house than you bought. If hiring an estate agent to appraise your property is an expense you wouldn't like to pay, then keep an eye on sites like Right Move that help you keep track of the value of your property by comparison.

Do all improvements increase the value of your home?

Not really. Many people assume that the more expensive renovations are, the more value they add to the house, but it doesn't work like that. Renovations might even be detrimental to the value of your property. This doesn't mean you shouldn't make any changes that make it less attractive for eventual buyers, after all, it's your house, so you have the right to do it if you want to. However, you should be aware of the consequences of each modification, so you can choose wisely.

If you are planning in doing some changes to the structure of your home in order to increase its value, or at least would like to know which ones are the most convenient to make, then read this article for detailed information on the top five renovations that will add the most value to your property. As you can see, conservatories are among the list. So yes, they are a good option. At least, if they are properly built.

Conservatories: how to do them right

Just as it happens with any other renovation, there is no fix rate in which conservatories add value to your home. In other words, not all conservatories are the same or are built the same way. In order to plan and build a conservatory that will actually add up to 10% of value to your home, you need to follow a set of rules that actually applies to many other expansions or renovations.

First of all, you have to make sure you use good quality materials and good building techniques. A conservatory that is poorly put together won't do as much good to your house as it could. Also, it will be less convenient and comfortable for you when you use it. Conservatories should be built by an expert who knows how to do them right, because they can easily be poorly structured. A bad quality conservatory will be too hot during the summer, and even too cold in the winter if not properly isolated. You must get top quality windows, preferrably with self-cleaning glasses, otherwise the top will look dirty and deprive the space from some light. Hire a professional supplier like and get the best materials.

Another important issue is design harmony. Conservatories are full rooms built at the side, back or even front of a house, so they must look like they belong to a whole. A bad design or a style or materials that don't match the rest of the house will make it look out of place, and not add much to the value of the house. This is one of the main risks of pre-manufactured units, which might look pretty enough on the picture, but when installed, they might make your house look like an architectural Frankenstein's monster.

With this said, if you build a good and nice conservatory with quality materials and at tone with the rest of the house, you can expect a property value increase of up to 10%, which often surpasses the cost of installation, so it's not only a nice touch to your house but also a reasonable investment.


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